Why I wrote my true life story...

...in the Brooke House project

There are a number of reasons why I felt I needed to write my true life story. One of the reasons was to try and understand for myself the dramatic changes I was seeing and also experiencing in coming to know my creator… Please allow me explain the previous statement.

I would often look over my shoulder at my previous life with all the ups and downs and then wonder how I got to where I was before putting my life on paper - to actually have such a life changing experience from darkness transferred into light can be a bit of a shock to one's system!

Whilst writing the book Married to the Devil, things from the past were unfolding as to why some things had happened to me whilst I dwelt in the darkness. It was such a wonderful chance to put some ghost's to rest and to discover that I actually have some treasures that I couldn't possibly have known about until certain things were written down on paper. Hmm.

Another reason for the writing of my true life story is to encourage others from all walks of life. The encouragement comes from learning to look deep within ourselves and to seek the "real you". Soul searching can only have full effect if we are to search deep within and be truthful to ourselves. My final reason is to share my love of Jesus Christ and in doing so let my story save precious souls.

It was the obedience of the founders of Brooke House (LifeSuccess Rehabilitation Centre) Slade Road Birmingham UK, that has helped save so many souls that were lost and I am so happy to say that it is still happening today. The book Married to the Devil is a project of Brooke House and I am honoured that God saw me fit to be used by His mighty hand.

Back Page of the Book Married To The Devil – A True Life Story by Amanda Tweed Co-authored with Yvonne Jarvis, a Brooke House Project.

Final word: What you are about to read in this book was a very dark part of my life, a really bad nightmare. It was like I was in a coma for all of those years. Now I have emerged into the light.

Amanda Tweed - Headline Story in Newspaper

Married to the Devil

Amanda Tweed

Is there hope for redemption and love for someone who has been tarnished by sin? Married to the Devil is an astonishing true story of how God set Amanda Tweed free from a life of crime and drug addiction.

In this triumphant testimony of the power of God's love and grace, Amanda shares how God dramatically transformed her. It chronicles the ups and downs of her life journey and will remind others that there is hope and that they, too, can be changed.

Today Amanda is the main support worker in Brooke House (Life Success Rehabilitation Center) in Birmingham. It is an organisation that heeds God's calling to help reach out to marginalised people in the community who have dependency and behavioural issues.

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